I Am, I Can, I Do Body Breakthrough

On March 15, just in time for Spring, Kacy released her first personal training DVD, I Am, I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough—The Movement Principles of The Show It Love Workout. If you enjoyed her Sculpt and Groove workout, you're going to love this new personal training workout!

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About the the DVD

Based on the exercises featured in Kacy’s popular book “The Show It Love Workout,” the new DVD brings Kacy’s signature moves to life, and offers you the chance to workout right alongside her, just like a celebrity!

The culmination of more than 20 years spent training the world’s hottest bodies, Kacy shares her secrets to sculpting a beautiful, fit form using graceful, flowing movements that raise the heart rate, as they create the long, lean lines that both celebrities and civilians crave.

Designed for beginners and fitness fanatics alike, in I Am I Can, I Do Body Breakthrough, Kacy takes students on a kinder, gentler, go-at-your-own-pace journey to strength and grace – with kindness and self-acceptance – not drill instructor theatrics. But just because her approach may be loose and playful don’t be fooled – Kacy’s signature moves are challenging and effective!

Shot entirely on location in Kacy’s hometown of New York, I Am I Can, I Do Body Breakthrough is one of the most compelling DVD’s on the market, complete with only-in-New-York elements:

– Hot, original soundtrack by Bluejean Hughes
– Outdoor photography in Central Park
– Indoor photography at a hip Flatiron photo studio
– Chic outfits by NYC designers Norma Kamali and Victor de Souza

And all of this new video was shot with the cutting-edge RED One digital cinema camera—the same one used to shoot The Social Network.

Divided into three segments, each shows Kacy training an actual student who learns the moves right along with the viewer, functioning in a sense, as a “real person” avatar. In the first segment, “I Am,” viewers start laying down their foundation with simple moves that reveal the hidden strength and grace their bodies possess. When viewers are ready, having built their foundation, they can move on to the second section, the “I Can,” where viewers connect with their growing strength and start to feel the power in their bodies. In the third segment, “I Do,” viewers put their newfound power and strength to the test, with super challenging moves that work the body to its fullest potential.

If you loved her book The Show It Love Workout, you'll love this DVD.

Your Best Body: Sculpt and Groove

Star and choreographer, 45 min. (CBS/Fox)

Here's what people who've used the video have to say.

"This is one of my favorite circuit training videos! Kacy is friendly, encouraging and easy to follow. I always feel strong and rejuvenated after I finish this workout."
"I love this workout, especially on those days when I'm not feeling not quite so enthusiastic. Kacy's energy and joy are contagious! This isn't the hardest workout I own, but you can modify to use her "energy" moves more to up the cardio. Her flowing, grooving moves are great and really get you to enjoy your body."
"I never worked out with Kacy Duke before. I must say it was a very nice change from all of the choppy workouts from other tapes I've used. I was able to flow with her through this workout, like she said 'natural moves.' Before I knew it, I was perspiring and it was time to stretch. The stretches were really refreshing. This is definitely a workout that you can get into."
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Ultimate Fat-Burning Workout by Lucky Vanous

Co-star and choreographer, 50 min. (CBS/Fox)

Here's what people who've used the video have to say.

"I just found this video in a storage box and did the workout and forgot how simple and effective it is. Really a great fat burner and Kacy Duke is a FANTASTIC instructor. Of course, Lucky is gorgeous to look at too. The alternating between cardio and bodysculpting moves is challenging, but you will feel great when you are done!"
"I love this video. I bought it because I wanted to try something new and because of the reviews. I have several different exercise videos and most instructors perform the same moves. This is different. Kacy is a great instructor. I like the interaction between her and Lucky, they work well together. She is upbeat without being annoying. The music is great. The moves are simple but effective. This is my favorite video."
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Chris Imbo’s Peak 10 with Frederique

Co-star and Choreographer (Goldhill Media)

Personal trainer Chris Imbo's Peak 10 fitness program has received rave reviews from Elle, New York Magazine, and Allure. Now Victoria's Secret model Frederique puts herself through Imbo's paces - a simple series of progressive upper-body toning exercises that work the abs, shoulders, arms, back, and chest. Fitness trainer Kacy Duke then leads a special routine designed to boost metabolism while burning fat. Finally, the program includes Imbo's nutritional advice and motivational skills that make it easier to commit to a healthy lifestyle for the long haul.