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Get Together

As much as Kacy can work her magic training clients one-on-one, getting a whole group of people to let go and move their bodies is where she truly shines. So Kacy Duke Fitness is expanding its offerings to also include workshops and group exercise, so that she can share the love and her talents for sculpting and toning bodies with more people.

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At a workshop, you can expect to learn all the ways to Show It Love through a series of group discussions, activities, meals, movement and music. Kacy will walk you through her Philosophy of Self - the I Am, I Can, I Do - then lead you in activities and movement to help you truly incorporate these values into your own life. And to top it all off, you'll get to taste an array of luscious food and tasty treats fit for a goddess.

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Group Exercise

If you attend group exercise with Kacy, be prepared to get moving, but have a great time doing it. With great music and an instructor who can adjust the program to fit any fitness level, you'll be having so much fun with Kacy's signature moves that time will fly. It'll be cool down time before you know it.

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Upcoming events

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