Bring on the winter

Winter is here, and this year I’m saying, “bring it!”

Last winter, the endless cold seemed to catch us all by surprise. This time, I’m challenging everyone (myself included) to do winter better. Live it. Love it. Enjoy its beautiful moments. Really, why should summer have all the fun?

To rule the cool and flow with the snow, I’m thinking we all need to adjust our attitudes and embrace the season, especially if you’re a sun-loving girl like me. Use the slow pace of winter to your advantage: focus your energy and bring together your three elements of self—the mindset, the motivation, the movement—to get where you want to go.

Circulate and coordinate with friends

If you want to soar higher than the chilly temps this season, follow my simple advice: circulate and coordinate—don’t hibernate!

Step away from the digital world (not before you finish reading this, of course) and mix it up with real, live people! Beat the isolation the winter cold brings, gather up your friends and go exercise. Take an indoor tennis lesson with your girls. Try a Zumba class or a spin class. Sign up for any type of fitness that brings people together, whether it’s 3 or 30—group fitness is where it’s at.

Remember to support and encourage each other when you’re not feeling it and celebrate it when you do. It’s all about community and real connection. Break a sweat, laugh, have fun and repeat! Bottom line, we are not bears—don’t hibernate ‘til spring!

Winter days may be short and the chill daunting, but the dark days of winter will fly by if you rally your friends. Never forget that movement is a privilege. If you can, you must! So don’t wait, get out there!

New webisodes coming this January

Don’t leave the digital world for too long, though. This January, I’ll launch my fabulous and fun new webisode series on my YouTube channel. So stay tuned and get ready to work it.

Love & Light

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